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mediaheadMy Year 10 Media class are submitting their work through a blog to make the work more authentic. Everything they put up on the blog can be seen by anyone, and therefore should be treated seriously. Come in and have a look at what they have learned.

First week homework (15/7/16):

  • Genre 2016 worksheet
  • Send me the link to your blog
  • Complete your first entry: best films 2008-2016

First Practical Activity:

Recreating a Famous Movie Scene

film exercises criteria

On your blog:

  • Upload the storyboard
  • Discuss what makes it a good scene
  • Link to the YouTube clip
  • Link to your scene recreation

Second Practical Activity

On your blog:

  • List a few cliches from your genre
  • Pick one to illustrate as a short film
  • film it, edit it, upload it.

Week 5 classwork (26.2)

  • Find three different movie reviews of a movie that you have seen.
    • Provide links to these on your blog
  • Copy every descriptive word into a document. Highlight those that are specific to movies and movie reviews.
  • Come up with a table containing lists of descriptive words for:
    • Actors
    • Story/plot
    • Direction
    • Special effects
  • Write a two paragraph review of a movie that you have seen (not the one from above).
  • Post to your blog.

Movie Trailer Requirements

  • Storyboard – around 60 frames
  • Script – using Celtx – include shots and camera movement, titles and voiceovers
  • Shot list
  • Set, props and costumes list.
  • Weekly production journal entry on blog including images and short video clips when necessary


  • You can film (but not until then)

Production Journal Questions

Tell me what you’ve learned during the past week – from using software, from filming, from lessons, from classmates. (2 marks x 5 entries)
How will you use the things you’ve learned in your production? (2 marks x 5 entries)
What difficulties did you have during the past week? (2 marks x 5 entries)
What ideas did you have that you can use in this and future projects? (2 marks x 5 entries)
Describe your team’s progress on the project. (2 marks x 5 entries)

Script example (from


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